Community Spirit, Productive Dialogue, and Active Participation

The Chicago Climate Festival, to be held in October of 2016, is a grass-roots initiative designed to shine a spotlight on the UN COP22 climate talks, global warming in general, local environmental justice issues, and the need for cooperation among diverse populations.

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Home banners: Morning Tide (Joshua Mason, Fieldwork Studios); Marwen students (Christine Skolnik); A'o 'Ana (Sean Yoro, HULA); Morning Tide (Joshua Mason, Fieldwork Studios);  "Art in Spaces"  (Alisa Singer, Environmental Graphiti). Planned Events: JoeyFineRhyme
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Donate: Magdalena Nykaza Blog: Oliver Sann and Beate Geissler, Methadone, 2016.


Left (source): Doug Fogelson – Destructive Transformations