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Judy Natal: Another Storm is Coming

  • Featuring renowned Chicago artist and educator Judy Natal
  • Keynote address and video premiere
  • Videos: Breathed on the Waters and Storm Redux

DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus, McGowan South (Room 108)

Acclaimed Chicago photographer Judy Natal will talk about her recent work, Another Storm is Coming, and premiere two moving new videos.  Commemorating the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina she dramatizes the effects of extreme weather on residents living along the Gulf Coast. 

"One of the great, great documenters of our eco age
          --Tim Morton, Ecology Without Nature

See photos from this project, Another Storm is Coming, at her website

During her meditative "Breathed on the Waters," a monk, a priest and a gospel singer offer up chants, prayers and songs — pleas to their various gods to provide safety from hurricanes. Their altar/stage appears to be the remnants of a home's concrete foundation in some not-fully-recovered coastal town."

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See beautiful article about Judy Natal by Alex Nates-Perez here.

    Photo from  Another Storm is Coming , by Judy Natal        

    Photo from Another Storm is Coming, by Judy Natal        

Another Storm is Coming was commissioned by Rice University (CENHS).

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