6:30 PM18:30


  • Staged Reading of the play GROUNDSWELL, by Karen Fort. Discussion follows.
  •  Produced by Prop Theatre, De Paul Theatre School, 350.org, Citizens Climate Lobby
  • "Theatre lovers, please note the reading of GROUNDSWELL, an original, full-length play by local playwright, Karen O. Fort.  According to Fort, this story of a farming family struggling through a heat wave, illustrates how climate-change 'pressures relationships and lifestyles.' The play also dramatizes how climate change can become a matter of life and death for current as well as future generations." 

DePaul University Theatre School, 2350 N. Racine, Room 442.

Reserve 773-750-7835, or Karen.o.fort(at)gmail.com

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10:00 AM10:00

Kids and Family Day--GUEST LIST NOW CLOSED (10/16/16)

Select Activities


Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum


Joey FineRhyme

Joey FineRhyme



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5:30 PM17:30

Eco-Transformations: Nature, Art, and Environmentalism

  • Columbia Nature and Environmentalism student presentations
  • Visual art and spoken word event, curated by

Join us for an opening night reception featuring artistic work from Columbia College students in Michelle Yates’s Nature and Environmentalism in U.S. Culture class. A range of art mediums - dance, film, poetry, sculpture, painting, and collage - that consider the (ab)uses of nature and the most pressing environmental issues of the 21st century.

Columbia College Chicago, Library, 624 S. Michigan, 3rd floor (North)

Poster   Credit: Gabriel de la Mora

Poster Credit: Gabriel de la Mora

Artists include:

Jesse Bartuzik
Carlee Belt
Spencer Blackmon
Gretchen Braulick
Hannah Braulick
Emmanuel Coche
Mackenzie Crosson
Gabriel de la Mora
Carla Davis
Amy Dickens
Kelly Egan
Sara Marie Helsel
Mark Hockleutner
Bre Kloski
Lukas Kowal
Maria Anna Meade
Abigail Reichmann
Nohemi Rosales
Ravel Weil

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6:30 PM18:30

Values Project: Anthropogenic Climate Change

  • William Jordan III presentation: “Therefore the Winds: Climate Change, Values, and Technologies of the Imagination”

    "Bill Jordan is widely recognized as an intellectual leader in the field of ecological restoration. In the course of a career spanning 39 years he has played a key role in the shaping of ideas about the value of restoration as a conservation strategy, a technique for basic research, and as a performing art and the basis for a 'new communion' with nature."

"In a rant that anticipates by 400 years our concerns about the prospects of global climate change, Titania, the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” (II,i: 81-117) attributes the disordering of the climate to her husband, who, she asserts, has interfered with the rituals by which the fairies maintain the order of the world.  If we allow that fairies may be taken in this context as “people,” what Shakespeare is depicting here is actually anthropogenic climate change. And the passage reminds us of an ancient wisdom we should perhaps hasten to recover and put into practice at this perilous moment [in the midst] of climate disaster."
--William Jordan on Environmental Critique

DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus, McGowan South Room 104




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6:00 PM18:00

Soham Dance and Randall Honold

DePaul University, Lincoln Park, Arts & Letters Hall, 2315 N. Kenmore Avenue (Room 413)

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6:30 PM18:30

Judy Natal: Another Storm is Coming

  • Featuring renowned Chicago artist and educator Judy Natal
  • Keynote address and video premiere
  • Videos: Breathed on the Waters and Storm Redux

DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus, McGowan South (Room 108)

Acclaimed Chicago photographer Judy Natal will talk about her recent work, Another Storm is Coming, and premiere two moving new videos.  Commemorating the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina she dramatizes the effects of extreme weather on residents living along the Gulf Coast. 

"One of the great, great documenters of our eco age
          --Tim Morton, Ecology Without Nature

See photos from this project, Another Storm is Coming, at her website www.judynatal.com.

During her meditative "Breathed on the Waters," a monk, a priest and a gospel singer offer up chants, prayers and songs — pleas to their various gods to provide safety from hurricanes. Their altar/stage appears to be the remnants of a home's concrete foundation in some not-fully-recovered coastal town."

Quote soure: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/gray-matters/article/Three-little-pods-A-world-of-ideas-7240942.php

See beautiful article about Judy Natal by Alex Nates-Perez here.

    Photo from  Another Storm is Coming , by Judy Natal        

    Photo from Another Storm is Coming, by Judy Natal        

Another Storm is Coming was commissioned by Rice University (CENHS).

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6:30 PM18:30


  • Melissa Brice/Chicago 350: Climate Change and Fossil Fuel Divestment Presentation
  • Joey FineRhyme: Climate Rap Performance and Open Mic

    "350.org has chapters organized across the United States and in countries abroad, pressuring universities, colleges, church organizations and governments to withdraw their funds from companies extracting carbon based fuels from the earth, burning said fuels and polluting the planet "

"Driven by the belief that rhythm and rhyme are powerful tools to inspire action, the anchor for many of FineRhyme's lyrics returns to this ethos of Be the Change."


DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus, McGowan South (Room 105)


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to Oct 27

Alisa Singer: Environmental Graphiti

Click on text below the image to see data sources.

***Please note: due to a scheduling conflict at the reserved venue, we have been forced to cancel the opening reception.  However, Singer's art will be displayed in a pop-up exhibit on the DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus throughout the month of October.***



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