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Values Project: Anthropogenic Climate Change

  • William Jordan III presentation: “Therefore the Winds: Climate Change, Values, and Technologies of the Imagination”

    "Bill Jordan is widely recognized as an intellectual leader in the field of ecological restoration. In the course of a career spanning 39 years he has played a key role in the shaping of ideas about the value of restoration as a conservation strategy, a technique for basic research, and as a performing art and the basis for a 'new communion' with nature."

"In a rant that anticipates by 400 years our concerns about the prospects of global climate change, Titania, the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” (II,i: 81-117) attributes the disordering of the climate to her husband, who, she asserts, has interfered with the rituals by which the fairies maintain the order of the world.  If we allow that fairies may be taken in this context as “people,” what Shakespeare is depicting here is actually anthropogenic climate change. And the passage reminds us of an ancient wisdom we should perhaps hasten to recover and put into practice at this perilous moment [in the midst] of climate disaster."
--William Jordan on Environmental Critique

DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus, McGowan South Room 104